Monday, January 7, 2013

Gimme 5!

It seems that most people are always looking for ways to save money. Quick, easy, painless but effective. Well, I've got one for you.

Now I'm no financial expert. To be quite honest I am barely able to balance my checkbook most days. And lord knows I've made plenty of mistakes along the way. But, this I can do! My husband found this idea online several years back and it sounded easy enough. So we tried it.

A $5 dollar jar!

For over 6 years now we have saved every $5 bill that we get.

True. We are strict with it too. If we go in with a $20 bill and buy something small & end up with 3 $5's in change, guess what? That was an expensive trip but good for our savings.

Think about it. If you just do one $5 a day that's $1825 after one year! What if it was $10 a day? That's $3650 in a year!! How easy is that?!

You have to make an effort to consistently use cash. Believe me its easy just to use your bank card but that wont feed your savings account.

Just to show you how quickly it adds up. After about 2 months of starting this we were able to recarpet our living room & stairs! We were getting ready to put our old house on the market & being able to literally pay cash for this project was such a huge bonus.

6 years later we still do this everyday! We don't miss those $5's and our savings account thanks us!

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  1. I LOVE this!!! We're trying to save up for siding and windows...a $5 jar could make a real dent in that project. Smart. Smart. Smart!