Thursday, May 2, 2013

With the popularity of Pinterest it seems like Home Remedies and DIY's are the greatest things ever. You can green up your lawn with Epsom Salt and exfoliate your face!!  Who knew?


I've been doing several natural, make your own things for a long time now. Some that my Grandma used to do and I have been doing for years and others that I've been doing for several months now. All of these are tested, used and recommended.


·         When I was little and would spend the night at my grandparents, when it came time to wash my hair it meant...laying on the kitchen counter, Johnsons Baby Shampoo and a Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. I hated it but my Grandma swore by it. She was right! About once a week I wash my hair like normal, rinse the shampoo out, then pour the vinegar over all of my hair. I let it sit for a minute or two then rise out. The colder you can stand the water the better. It removes tons of build up, makes your hair super clean and VERY shiney. And, the smell goes away pretty quickly and is totally gone by the time it is dry.


·         I also use a solution of Vinegar, baking soda and water as my go to cleaner. It works great on counters, sinks, stoves, fridge, toliets. You name it.


·         I've had a horrible time with adult acne. But, not the normal kind of teenage kind. Like painful welts and very oil skin. I've determined that I am now allergic to eggs (I feel another Blog) and that is a part of the cause. But, a friend recommend this Pin she found. 3 parts Castor Oil to 1 Part Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Mix them up in a bottle. Everynight I massage this all over my dirty face. It removes EVERYTHING. I run the water as hot as I can handle it to get a washcloth damp and hot. I place that over my face to sort of 'steam' out the oil and dirt. After a minute. I wipe it off, rinse off the washcloth and repeat. Thats it. In the morning I just splash my face with cold water and go. I've never had such smooth, clean and oil free skin.


·         Hair mask of 2 egg yolks with 2 tbsp of olive oil, dilute the mixture by adding a cup of water and then slow massage into your scap. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse. AMAZING. Shiney and reported to help your hair grow.


·         My mom has always used this on all of my bug bites. I do it with my kids. Works great! Make a paste of baking soda and water. It needs to be thick enough to stay on the bite but thin enough to spread. Leave on until its crusty and flaking. Then rinse.  It pulls the yucky stuff out and helps the itching.


·         Vaseline as eye moisturizer. I put it on every night under and around my eyes. I never feel as though my skin dry or tight. And tons cheaper than the over the counter stuff.


·         And recent recommendation from a friends 'granola' mom... Charcoal tablets for tummy issues. Bad food, feeling the 'bug', upset tummy. Take these tablets. The can be found at Walgreens. They take all of the bad stuff in your stomach, absorb it and get rid of it. Safe for kids too.


Give ‘em a go. Let me know what you think!